The Story of Zinbox

We met about two years ago in a coworking space. Back in those days, both of us had been working in the travel tech industry, yet like true geeks, we kept on daydreaming about other technologies.

Among other things, we never understood why email sucked. Then, at the beginning of 2012, Peter came up with the idea to create a visual, intuitive email tool that breaks away from indus- try dinosaurs.

First, we went to Startup Weekend Budapest. We won the second place, yet what’s even more important, we learnt that other people felt the same way about email and were hungry for a fresh approach. So, we decided to give it a go and started working on the first version of Zinbox.

Since then, we kept on learning like a good Padawan. We talked to a bunch of interesting folks and realised that these people work hard, play hard and they just deserve an emailing system that’s not wasting their time. Simple as that.

Their problems inspired our new version that creates a seamless ‘flow’ by addressing the holy trinity of Tasks, People and Data.

It’s time to take the pain out of email. Become part of the Zinbox user community, share your thoughts with us any time and help us change the game.

Peter Gyorffy: Co-founder; CTO,
Istvan Vince: Co-founder; CMO,
Zsofia Kerekes: User Community Manager

Ultra Light Startups Pitch Competition in New York


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